MadArt Artist Rick Araluce unveils newest piece at the Renwick

Check out Araluce’s installation The Final Stop if you’re traveling through the D.C. area. This recreation of an abandoned subway station runs through January 28th.

Teresa Getty and Jeremy Wineberg at Method Gallery

A collaboration spanning from Wisconsin to Seattle, Getty and Wineberg’s dialogue through a shared drawing book provides inspiration for their newest show here, through February 24th.

Francisco Guerrero at 4Culture

Guerrero’s sculptures and drawings create “a pastiche of doomsday extremism” in his newest work at 4Culture, Loaves and Fishes.

Sri Prabha at 4Culture

Prabha’s media installation, Night Lands 3, projects across four large screens simultaneously to explore the nature of water in our lives.


John Grade’s Middle Fork sculpture opens at the Seattle Art Museum
MadArt Studio’s inaugural exhibit, the intricate tree sculpture by local artist John Grade, is now twice as long and installed in the lobby of the Seattle Art Museum.

The Art of the Matter: art spaces in South Lake Union
Galleries and public art add to the beauty of SLU.

Pixelated Clouds Hang Over Amazon’s Seattle Campus
Next time you’re in the neighborhood, check out Dan Corson’s new installation, Nebulous, on the corner of 9th and Harrison in South Lake Union.

Banker Wire Mesh Sculpture Highlights the History of Seattle’s South Lake Union Neighborhood
Lead Pencil Studio brings a towering public art sculpture to the corner of 9th and Thomas in South Lake Union.