As millions of Americans raise their voices and take action against racial injustice and the senseless violence inflicted on our Black communities, we write to say that we at MadArt stand in solidarity. We recognize this as a time for active listening and self-reflection: acknowledging our blind spots and committing to centering racial justice at the forefront of our operations. Here are a few immediate ways we are endeavoring to create a more equitable future for all:

  • strengthening our efforts to create programming opportunities that prioritize historically-underrepresented voices 
  • fostering partnerships with cultural organizations that are committed to social justice and racial equity for BIPOC communities
  • seeking out educational opportunities, including staff trainings on interpersonal and institutional racial inequities

We are confident that we can continue to learn and grow together and we welcome conversation on how to advance racial equity at every level of our organization. We are here for you, we are listening to you, and we are making changes for you.

Alison Milliman, Founder 
Emily Kelly, Director 
Katie Wood, Studio Manager 
Ashley Conradi, Office + Communications Coordinator 
Les Milliman, Exhibitions Coordinator